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Welcome to Gennari Valve Amps

"Once you have listened to a Gennari Valve Amp, you can never go back to a transistorised amplifier!"

Made specifically for Australia.


If you are looking for the best in quality valve amps then look no further.

Robert Gennari, Manager of Gennari Valve Amps says:

Established in 2005, Gennari Valve Amps have increased in growth and in sales, with new models currently added to the range. This has affected a growing awareness globally, of our products.
This awareness comes from 30 years of involvement in the audio industry not only as a service centre specializing in repair of high end audio equipment, but also with my involvement in the Music Industry as a successful singer/songwriter....
I believe I understand what vocals should sound like through a good quality system.
(Go to: Youtube ‘Roberto Gennari’)

This is without the need of enormous expense when purchasing the audio heart of your system - your amplifier.
I felt it was time to introduce a new range of amplifiers that would satisfy the most critical enthusiast - producing great performance at a minimal price.

What I came up with is a new breed of special amplifier, by realising the potential of designing a totally new Valve Amplifier.
 Gennari Valve Amps are hand-made and assembled in China to my specifications. My designers and technicians have come up with a range of valve amplifiers designed specifically for the Australian market. This achievement is the result of much Blood, Sweat and Tears.

All Gennari Valve Amps employ a true 240VAC mains transformer, and as emphasised, designed specifically for Australia conditions. To get the Chinese to develop a 240VAC mains transformer for Gennari Valve Amps was to initiate the birth of a truly stable and reliable amplifier - one that would last for many years under Australian conditions. Take a look for yourself and note almost every valve amp on sale in this country will be manufactured in China and will come with a 220VAC transformer. This design is not suitable for our fluctuating voltage conditions – conditions ranging from 240 – 250VAC.
Valve amps utilising a 220VAC mains transformer produce vibration of the mains transformer and over-voltage in the secondary stage....
The ultimate affect is decreased longevity, instability and premature breakdown of components, especially valves.

Another drawback with valve amps to date has been the small power rating. Rarely do you see a valve amp rated at more than 25 watts per channel. And unless you have extremely efficient speakers you'll run out of puff, just when you need it.





My amplifiers are high powered, with the basic model, RV-70 (on special at well under $1000) producing 40Watts per channel to our top end model, RV-160, which pumps out a massive 80Watts per channel!  In between these models is my 'super musical' amp RV-100 rated at 50watts per channel and the new Remote Model RV-100R, which employs the famous KT88-98 valves. These amps are right up there in comparison to similar amps costing 4 times as much. They are manufactured to the highest technical levels and also incorporate an epoxy-encased mains transformer, including epoxy-encased output transformers, for super quietness.

All Gennari Valve Amps portray a simple but attractive finish and are extremely well made.  Hand-made manufacturing quality is unsurpassed.
Performance is equally unsurpassed.

Included in the range of Gennari Valve Amps is a large stock of EL-34B and KT88/98 Valves, available separately.

Just read the comments we have from some of our listeners:

1)   Hi Robert..Thanks for sending the amp over I'm very pleased with its performance through my Quads the sound is excellent. 
A very happy Andrew in Perth

2)   G-Day How is it going ? All good here... The amp is going great with out any problems at all and still haven't had any amp coming close to competing with yours, even an $6400.00  hi-fi amp in here for repairs doesn't even sound close at all...  Very hard valve amp to beat Robert...Steve Kalgoorlie. WA 

3)   Hi Robert, May I just say the amplifier is superb. The phono pre-amp is excellent also. Geoff Beitzel
16 Red Hill Road 
Nudgee 4014

4)   Thanks Robert, The RV-100 is fantastic....Beautiful sound, nothing comes close to the bottom end and brilliant, clear tops...Marcus Wainscott, Sydney

So, think again, and feel free to come listen to the range of Gennari Valve Amps here in Sydney.
Auditions of a demo sample can be arranged for interstate customers at no obligation.

If you've always wanted the glistening sound from a valve amplifier but couldn't afford the price then a Gennari Valve Amp is what you have been waiting for.

You can contact RPG Electronics in Sydney on

(61) (02) 9879 7512

or mobile

0411 745 882

We have a showroom in Gladesville.

Overseas enquiries welcomed.

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